Environmental Impact
Kevin Rodgers Tree Surgery recognise the pressures on our environment and therefore actively work to minimise our impact. Our aim is to comply with all current regulations and legislation and to adhere to industry codes of practice. Ultimately we will do our utmost to:

  • Comply with all relevant Environmental Legislation Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Ensure that all employees have knowledge of the impact of our business on the environment and what they can do to reduce it.
  • Keep areas clean and tidy, communicate with clients and local people to ensure that our activities cause minimum disruption
  • Promote the recycling of waste such as wood-chip and logs
  • Minimise the volume of waste deposited to landfill to an absolute minimum.
  • Encourage modes of transport which minimise our environmental impact.
  • Monitor, audit and review our environmental programme regularly to ensure our continuous improvement, and identify examples of best practice that may be shared throughout the company.

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